About Me

Hello! I’m Meghana, a graduate student at Ohio State University. My research interests are broadly in language understanding and generation topics.

Recent News!

  1. May 2020: Excited to begin summer internship with MSR Redmond!
  2. Dec 2019: Our paper on Fake News detection has been accepted to NeurIPS WiML Workshop 2019 for a poster presentation.
  3. Dec 2019: Talk at UBC Data Science group on Fake News detection - challenges and future!
  4. Aug 2019: Our paper on data cleaning using deep learning has been accepted to MAIS 2019.

Publications and Conferences

  1. Meghana Moorthy Bhat, Saghar Hosseini, Ahmed Hassan Awadallah, Paul Bennett, Weisheng Li. “Detecting toxic language in conversations” (Under review - Title changed due to do double blind submission policy).
  2. Meghana Moorthy Bhat, Srinivasan Parthasarathy. “How Effectively Can Machines Defend Against Machine-Generated Fake News? An Empirical Study.” Workshop on Insights from Negative Results in NLP, EMNLP 2020.
  3. Meghana Bhat and Zhixuan Zhou, Huankang Guan, and Justin Hsu.“Detecting Fake News with NLP: Challenges and Possible Directions” NeurIPS Workshop 2019 (WiML). International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence (ICAART) 2019.
  4. Meghana Bhat, Yogesh Chockalingam, Manjunath N S. “DeepRepair: A framework for error detection and correction using Deep Learning”, Montreal AI Symposium (MAIS 2019)
  5. Meghana Moorthy Bhat, Josef Eckmueller, Melwyn Scudder. “Performance Optimization of Virtual Prototypes” DTTC Intel, Portland, Oregon, USA 2015. (DTTC is Intel global-wide internal conference)
  6. Meghana Moorthy Bhat, Melwyn Scudder, Kartik Shah. “Virtual Prototype (VP) Quality Improvement Methodology” DvCon India, Bangalore, India, 2015.